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Every day thousands of people come to firms and offices searching for a job. And HR departments have already established a proper system of testing for job applicants. They are testing the level of skills and professionalism and the depth of knowledge required for actual work. But that's not enough. The employer must be sure not only at the skills of his employees but at the fact that they will be able to use those skills during their working time. Therefore nowadays applicants pass not only professional tests but also various employment drug tests. It concerns not only the applicants but employees too. Using such tests minimize the probability of employees' illnesses because people not using illegal drugs and production are more likely to be always in good form.

Quality drug tests have a lot of advantages:

  1. They don't require specially equipped room or test laboratory
  2. It takes the minimal time term to held a drug test
  3. They don't require special education for testing (tests can be made by non-professionals without coaxing conversant people into it)
  4. They help to cut down the amount of money spent for testing of applicants and planned testing of employees

At Employment Drug Tests.com we offer you safe and reliable alcohol tests, forensic tests, drug tests, ovulation and pregnancy tests, monitoring tests and different accessories.

We shouldn't forget that nowadays our life is much more dangerous and we can not always trust people surrounding us. Therefore drug tests could be used also to assure oneself of drug clearness of our children, relatives, partners and friends. Drug testing also helps those who are suspected of drug abuse to prove themselves. For such drug testing within one's home there were developed various methods which give you reliable, accurate and confident results within a short period of time. Multi drug urine test kit, alcohol saliva test, cotinine/nicotine/tobacco urine test, rapid urine oxycontin drug test cassette, oral fluid 6 multi-drug saliva screen test, opiate strip uine drug test, ecstasy - rapid meth-amphetamine drug test kit and many other tests you'll find at our section of drug tests.

Forensic tests were developed about ten years ago and now they are considered to be trusted and safe tests using advanced methods for analyzing specimens. Forensic tests are widely used by prosecution and defense agencies as well as by private criminality agencies because they need confidential, accurate and timely expertise. Multi drug spray tests, contraband detective devices, expray explosives detection test kits and many other kinds of forensic tests are on your disposal.

With special monitoring devices you'll be able to check hepatitis presence, your cholesterol and glucose level, allergy disposition, ovulation potential and confirm pregnancy symptoms not leaving your room. We also offer you tests checking the reaction of your body on different food products and detecting the allergy, ovulation tests helping to predict the time of potential ovulation, pregnancy test which will say whether you are pregnant or not within a short period of time (about a week) after conception.

All production on sale are proved to be safe, legal, accurate and trusted. You can ship by us not thinking about the security of your credit card information because we always take care of it and your privacy.

You are always welcome at Employment Drug Tests.com! Be sure at your employees, your happy future and the future of your relatives, friends and partners without drugs!

Pre-employment tests

Employer's All-Inclusive Drug Testing PackEmployer's All-Inclusive Drug Testing PackRetail Price: $534.00
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XALEX Complete Employer's Drug Test KitXALEX Complete Employer's Drug Test KitRetail Price: $474.00
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Multi Drug Spray Test (100 Tests)Multi Drug Spray Test (100 Tests)Retail Price: $438.68
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Extended Opiates Hair Drug TestExtended Opiates Hair Drug TestRetail Price: $101.40
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Drug Hair Follicular Test KitDrug Hair Follicular Test KitRetail Price: $86.34
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The Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit SystemThe Home Access HIV-1 Test Kit SystemRetail Price: $57.54
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Detect Now For Marijuana Drug TestDetect Now For Marijuana Drug TestRetail Price: $46.80
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Detect Now Spray Cocaine/Crack Drug TestDetect Now Spray Cocaine/Crack Drug TestRetail Price: $45.60
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Laboratory 6 Parameters Urine Drug TestLaboratory 6 Parameters Urine Drug TestRetail Price: $45.00
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